One-to-One Computer Training in your Home


Every aspect of computer software and hardware can be explained to you clearly, in a relaxed easy to understand manner, in your own home and using your own familiar computer. This can be one, two or three hours to suit you, and also you can choose what you want to learn. The main advantage to this method of tuition is that you don't have to wait in a class of ten or twenty people, for one or two teachers to give you a few minutes of their time, when you may have several very specific questions about things that you need extra help with. Everyone learns at a different pace, and most people would like things to be explained more than once, and demonstrated in different ways for them to understand. Just about everything you do in Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office, or on the Internet for example, can be done in a variety of ways and it is my responsibility to find the best way that suits you.

Charges are set out in more detail on the "Charges" page, but in general you can enjoy one hour of personal one-to-one computer training for £20.00

You are able to ask any questions you like, and make as many notes on paper as you like. Everyone needs to know about different aspects of computer usage, and everyone has a different method of learning those aspects. Many of my clients have said to me that they have learnt more about computers in two hours talking to me, than they had previously learned in one year !